Cate Blanchett, Vanity Fair Magazine Italy (25 October 2007)


Cate Blanchett, Vanity Fair Magazine Italy (25 October 2007)

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i am already in the crying about everything state   grave of the fireflies   

how do you take your screencaps? pls help me :(

I use KM player to make my screencaps!!!

press ctrl + G and this is my setting 


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TV MEME: [5/5] Male characters - Freddie Lyon

It makes it more real, seeing the boom! The mechanics of how we bear witness, because that’s what we do, what one tries to do. Reveal fleeting moments of history, not with apology, not as it is now! Endless static newsreel, a man who never leaves his desk, delivering the story as if it’s the dry, five-minute warm-up act to Hancock’s Half Hour!

how've you been   i miss you   i miss you more   freddie lyon   the hour   i will never love again   

why am i rewatching this at 6am in the morning   my eyes are all swollen thanks   grave of the fireflies   

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Well I blew the fucking roof off of this church, didn’t I?

hi remember when they were happy for a second there?   wow they were just so happy i want to stab my eyes   fifth gif you can see clearly cosima smiling yeah sure but you can see delphine is also smiling too   hey ho hey ho college AU where these two idiots fall in love and are just the most clingy couple on the campus ever   lmao @ college AU   questions of science do not speak as loud as my heart   clone club   

Don’t you enjoy any of this? Sometimes? This house, your clothes, all those beautiful shoes.

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